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This compass sensor module, designed exclusively for KIROBO, is to detect the direction of goals in robot soccer games. What makes this module revolutionary is the way of setting the target direction; you only need to rotate the sensor to the target direction. There is no need to change the program even when the target direction changes. Very intuitively operated and recommended compass sensor for anyone, even robot soccer beginners.



"Electronic compass" is a sensor, making use of earth magnetism, that is often adopted for detecting goals in robot soccer games or to move the robot to a certain direction. Normally, when it is used, the direction information, such as East, West, North and South, is output, and processing of such information is difficult for beginners. In addition, change in the target direction requires change in the program and very troublesome.

Such problem is solved with this compass sensor.

The output from the compass sensor is connected to the 2 input ports of KIROBO which are used for touch switches. However, a port switching function is equipped so that the touch switches can also be used.

This compass sensor is designed exclusively for KIROBO, so that the connection is very simple; the user just need to set it over KIROBO's PCB.

MI device with very high sensitivity is adopted for the earth magnetism so it is very accurate, and also low power consumption (5mA when LED is OFF, and 12mA when all LEDs are ON. (Vdd=5V)).



Power source: Supplied from KIROBO

Power consumption: 9mA when 1 LED is ON 13mA when all 3 LEDs are ON

Dimension: W50xH57xD56mm

Weight: 27g

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