GraVT GVT-AW863-EK Let`s Piano 2  (GVT-AW863-EK)

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LET'S PIANO 2 is an electronic piano kit that you can play with its 15 white keys and 10 black keys, 2 octaves, enabling a half-tone performance. In addition, it is embedded with 18 music and 10 different tones with which many different arrangements can be done on a music. What is more, ELEKIT's original software" Melody IC Factory" enables to compose a melody and transfer it to LET'S PIANO2. You can play your original music with LET'S PIANO 2 that you assembled! With LET'S PIANO 2, you can enjoy assembly, creating a music, and playing it!


Attention: LET'S PIANO 2 is not a precision instrument and its musical scale is not exactly correct.

[Features] Musical scale: Fa(low)-Fa(high)(2 octaves, with half-tones) Dimensions: W160xH143xD123mm(When the piano cover is open.) Accessory: Transfer cable


* Music embedded: 18 music

1. The Planets Op.32.Jupiter 2. Humoresque 3. Gymnopedies 4. Gavotte 5. GrandWaltz Brilliant Op.18 6. Turkish March 7. Pictures at an Exhibition 8. Pine AppleRag 9. Pomp and Circuma Stance 10.Sonata Pathetique 11.Radetzky March12.KANON 13.La Campanella 14.Etudes 15.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star16.Fantasie-Impromptu 17.Op.62.No.6,Fruhlingslied-Spring Song 18.None shall sleeptonight 19.(Your original melody)


* Tones: 8 tones

1. Piano 2. Nylon guitar 3. Synthesizer brass 4. 80's game sound 5. Music box 6.Keyboard harmonica 7. Steel drum 8. Dog 9. Cat 10.Frog

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