GraVT GVT-Q-1005-CH Handheld Transmitter  (GVT-Q-1005-CH)

Product Details
Model Q-1005 Frequency Range VHF 160-260 MHz Switching Bandwidth - Switchable Frequency 1 2-way synchronization No RF Power Output < 35mW** Spurious Emission > 40dB below carrier Dynamic Range > 100 dB Display Screen LED T.H.D < 0.5% Peak Deviation ± 15KHz Antenna Built in Battery Type AA*2 Operating Life (Alkaline) 16 hours Charging Function Yes Battery charger HC-30 Microphone Capsule Dynamic/condenser type Dimension (mm) Ø53*246 Weight (g) 213 ** Remark: The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. The output power may vary from country to country.
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